We are much more than just roasters of quality coffee. We are the product of our diverse South African history, painted with all the vibrant colours of South Africa today. We draw inspiration from our people and in return, we offer a product of distinction.

We do it the way it is meant to be done, not the easy way. We know that a great product will always outperform and outlast its competitors. So we never deviate from the process to create one.

Good coffee is not a drink, it’s an experience, it doesn’t just happen, it is an on going relationship between all of its parts.

We build close relationships with our clients and their staff in order to ensure the symphony is played to perfection. We strive to be the best, and do what it takes to ensure that.

Our cafe at Polofields Crossing offers a range of speciality grade coffee’s, perfectly brewed with a selection of traditional and alternative brewing methods all paired with gourmet South African inspired cafe style food items, made with high quality ingredients by our highly trained chef.

All of our menu items are halaal meaning people of all walks of life can enjoy something at Manaka Coffee. Our philosophy on food is to do the simple things well, so when you first bite into one of our hand made magwinya’s or lovingly made boerie rolls you will know you are eating a Manaka staple.

We also have Sasol forecourt stores which redefine the forecourt coffee shop… just because it is a grab and go store does not mean it should be boring. We have put the same effort into these stores as we did with our café, thinking about every detail to once again give our clients the Manaka experience they deserve.

We currently have 3 stores around Johannesburg:

Sasol Waterfall
Manaka Sasol K101 (Old Pretoria Rd)
Manaka Sasol Allandale